Scatole americane
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American Boxes

Corrugated cardboard with single, double and triple walls

We make packing boxes to order, in all sizes and with all types of corrugated cardboard available on the market.

The boxes are supplied neutral, printed using flexography in one or two colours.

Depending on the product to be packaged, we suggest the type of cardboard to use for the best presentation of the content.

cartone ondulato

Packing boxes are the most common type of packaging used for shipping.

We made and sell strong and resistant packaging boxes for all kinds of shipping. Thanks to our advanced machinery, we can supply packing boxes in all sizes and thicknesses, to fully protect your products.

The box master is also capable of processing very thick cardboard and the case maker that supports the complete line, from cutting to packaging.

The production volumes for each single customer vary from a minimum of 100 pieces to thousands of units.
All our American boxes are fully customisable to suit customer requirements. The customising service can be supplied directly by the customer or our team of experts can supply this type of service to meet every kind of need.

In addition to packing boxes, we also supply various inner protections designed to protect more fragile products: plate dividers, dividers for bottles, glasses and other very fragile items which might break during shipping.

Types of Corrugated Cardboard
cartone ondulato onda singola
cartone ondulato onda doppia
cartone ondulato onda tripla