Stampa digitale diretta su cartone ondulato
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Digital Printing

Digital printing directly on corrugated cardboard - Engico aqua 250
What is Engico Aqua 250?

Aqua 250 is the most innovative industrial inkjet printing for direct printing on corrugated cardboard and numerous other paper materials.

The new Engico Aqua Series uses water-based inks by SAKATA INK, which can guarantee indoor and outdoor durability, water resistance and scuff resistance. It contains no harmful substances and releases no VOC. The inks are odourless and make this printing technology ideal for the production of POS materials, packaging and in-store communication.

stampa a getto d'inchiostro industriale
stampa digitale diretta su cartone ondulato
Main Features

  • Machinery designed and built completely in Italy
  • Modular architecture open to future upgrades
  • High-end mechanical components selected from among the best available, like SKF / INA / SCHNEIDER
  • All the main shafts of the modules are driven directly by electronically dynamic independently controlled motors, guaranteeing a high level of printing quality. The motor, equipment and electronic components are made by SCHNEIDER

  • On-board dust container with humidity and air temperature control, to guarantee optimal function of inks and print-heads
  • Odourless, VOC free, water and scuff resistant water-based inks
  • Board feeding and smoothing plates optimized for corrugated to avoid damages on substrate and allows the easy insertion of highly warped boards
  • Exclusive integrated pre-treatment station with Engico primer for a clean and environmentally-friendly process

  • Vacuum rolls to step boards and keep them flat under the print-heads
  • Variable-drop industrial inkjet print-heads that guarantee the highest performance, reduced maintenance and purge, as well as high durability
  • Air drying system
  • Engico ink system permit an easy feeding of the colours and print-heads cleaning
  • High capacity sealed ink bags keep the ink intact and far off light and air
  • Compatibile con le piattaforme RIP più popolari, incluse Caldera, Onyx and Ergosoft

stampa digitale
stampa digitale made in Italy
inchiostri ecologici
600 x 3600dpi

  • clichè
  • print run
  • medium quality


  • any batch
  • industrial costs
  • high quality


  • high print runs
  • coupling
  • paper

Data sheet

Printing technology
Inkjet piezo drop-on-domand

Industrial inkjet printheads

Number of printheads
According to the machine configuration

Droplet size
Fix or variable drop starting from 5 picoliters

4 colours CMYK
6 or 8 colours optional

Engico waterbased inks and primer

Printable substrates
Corrugated and compressed cardboard and high-ticknesses papers (0,5 to 15 mm thickness / 2,5 Kg/sqm) 50 mm for other supports

Printing speed
Up to 400 sqm/h according to printer quality e machine configuration

Maximum printing width
2500 mm

Compatible with most RIP software products


Standard power supply
380 V – 50 Hz

Power consumption
> Machine: 12 kW
> Room air treatment system: 3 kW

Machine size
W 5600 x L 4500 x H 2300 mm
(Standard version)

Operating conditions
Temperatures between 20 and 25 °C
Min humidity 40% / Max humidity
75% papers

Primer/ink stock condition
Temperatures between 15 and 30 °C

Average ink consumption
2 ml/sqm
(with 600 x 300 dpi resolution)
5 ml/sqm
(with 600 x 600 dpi resolution)
8 ml/sqm
(with 1200 x 600 dpi resolution)

Primer consumption
3-5 ml/sqm

stampa digitale - Engico Aqua 250
stampa digitale - Engico Aqua 250
stampa digitale - Engico Aqua 250
stampa digitale - Engico Aqua 250
stampa digitale - Engico Aqua 250
stampa digitale - Engico Aqua 250