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Ecological Roll-Ups


A revolutionary ecological roll-up

capable of combining the ecological philosophy with excellent display performance

roll up ecologico made in Italy
100% GREEN

The supporting elements are easy to assemble

roll up ecologico made in Italy

The base is made of cardboard and can be customised and decorated with prints.

roll up ecologico made in Italy

The Greenboard ecological roll-up can be printed with the system currently available for sale.

Entirely ecological and disposable roll-up

With its latest innovation in roll-up banners, CLS proves that the combination of economy and sustainability makes it possible to change your mind and also the material: cardboard! Greenboarder is the first ecological roll-up made in Europe, the first disposable and completely ecological roll-up, made in compliance with the laws in defence of European workers. Greenboarder is 100% “green”, perfect for presentations, made of high-quality cardboard, completely recyclable and purchased at low cost.

Greenboarder cartone riciclabile
roll up ecologico Greenboader

Versatile and Innovative

High-quality production, the possibility to fully customise the product and also the base in a way previously impossible, and quick assembly, are the features that make Greenboarder a versatile and innovative display item. Greenboarder is light (weighing about 2.7kg), easy to transport and store, taking up very little space, which makes it practical and versatile. Assembly is quick and easy and requires no particular tools. All the elements, like cardboard posts and banners with fastenings, are included.

We Think And Display Green

Our “green” featherweight is ideal for events and promotions. Wasted resources and polluting emissions of CO2 for production and transport, no longer influence the cost or the environment. “We think and display green“: the new communication philosophy! Greenboarder successfully supports events, brands and initiatives, all in a completely flexible way, perfectly suited to the point of sale or to any other setting. The last strength? When you’ve finished using it, you can throw it in the paper recycling bin.

roll up ecologico Greenboader