CLS LA - Inserimento lavorativo disabili
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Let’s Meet The Crew

Inclusion of disabled people in the professional sector.

Work and Solidarity Cooperative

CLS – the Work and Solidarity Cooperative, was developed with the main aim of giving dignity to those affected by some form of handicap and favouring their integration into a workplace shared between able-bodied and disabled employees.

All the disabled people who work at CLS occupy roles suited to their skills.

The main aim of CLS-LA is to increase their abilities and teach them a trade.

The jobs

Those who are more severely disabled work as part of the assembly team (e.g. putting together boxes of samples for companies, assembling brushes, etc…)

Those who are self-sufficient are included in the production process, on machines like the puncher or the case maker. If and when necessary, they are flanked by able-bodied staff.

onlus disabili - Fondazione CLS
onlus disabili - Fondazione CLS


They see work as:

  • ACKNOWLEDGEMENT: They are aware of their limits and working at CLS increases their self-confidence
  • ROUTINE: they have the chance to experience a production space and a normal routine
  • SOCIALISATION: they relate to other people, every day
  • TRAINING: they learn a trade

Always together

During working hours, operators are always present and ready to help them with anything they need.

As there’s a reference point in the company, parents are safe in the knowledge that their children, as its employees, are taken care of.

Every month, all the disabled youngsters get to talk to a psychologist about any professional or relational problems they might have.

inserimento lavorativo disabili
  • CLS is always willing to take on part-time or full-time apprentices with disabilities like:
    • Down’s Syndrome
    • Congenital disability
    • Intellectual limitations
    • Psychological problems

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