Free-Standing Displays

Displays with shelves and trays | Self-assembly displays | Column displays

The best visibility is the essence of communication Our free-standing displays often target this. Our customised and absolutely unique models are designed and made to have a guaranteed impact and be highly functional.

Our free-standing displays are ideal for shops, trade fairs, events and exhibition spaces. Strong and easy-to-assemble and transport self-supporting structures. Being completely versatile, it is possible to have a leaflet stand, a product or print-out display, and allow an endless variety of display solutions suited to the most varied needs, taking up very little space while offering excellent capacity.

Our free-standing displays are essential elements for the promotion of protects and for bringing them to the attention of visitors. Our free-standing displays are designed to display products in a simple but original and elegant way.

Our free-standing displays are designed with the utmost attention are supplied for every need. They include displays with shelves and trays, that are self-assembling, in column form or to suit other customer requirements.